Build-in-Public – Episode 15 – New Parasite and Link Shortener Tip

Reaching the halfway point of my 30-day challenge, I find myself feeling a bit sore from getting back into a regular gym routine. Despite my fatigue, I’m dedicated to creating content every day for the next 15 days. Today’s update covers a paid parasite strategy I’m experimenting with, targeting a trending topic I believe will grow in popularity.

My approach involves writing five unique articles on the same subject, distributing them across five paid parasite sites, and interlinking them to boost visibility. By staggering the posts and using a URL redirector, I can adapt my affiliate links without editing the articles directly. This method enhances flexibility in managing my content strategy and affiliate partnerships.

Key Takeaways

  • The 30-day challenge update focuses on content creation and distribution strategies.
  • A unique approach involving interlinking articles and using URL redirect tools is discussed.
  • Plans for progress updates and affiliate partnership goals are outlined.

30-Day Build and Publish Challenge Update

Today marks the 15th day of the 30-day build and publish challenge. The speaker mentions feeling some muscle soreness from getting back into the gym after a long break but remains committed to making a daily video.

His plan involves writing five articles on a trending topic, then distributing these articles to five different paid parasite sites. The articles will be similar in content but rewritten in various ways to target the same keyword. He is aiming to rank well before the topic becomes even more popular.

Strategy Details:

  • Five articles on a trending topic
  • Targeting the same keyword for each article
  • Using five different paid parasite sites

He plans to interlink the articles across the parasite sites in a staggered manner since edits are not possible after posting. For one promising parasite site, he intends to link all other articles back to boost its ranking.

Link Management: He utilizes a service called Linkle HQ for URL shortening and redirection. This service helps if he gets approved for a better affiliate program. He can then update the final URL through Linkle without needing to edit the original articles.

Current status includes awaiting postings on the parasite sites, which may take a few days. Updates on progress are expected within a week, as these sites often rank quickly. He hopes his other parasite efforts will also start showing promising results. Despite not feeling very energetic, he remains determined to continue daily updates and shares a useful tip for fellow creators.

Content Strategy for Trending Topics

When tackling trending topics, he plans to create multiple articles centered on the same subject. The focus is on topics expected to grow in popularity.

He will write five unique articles on the trending topic. Each article will target the same keyword but will be rewritten differently.

These articles will be distributed across five different paid parasite sites.

One strategy involves interlinking the articles. Here’s the plan:

  1. Staggered Posting: Posting the articles over time to enable linking to previous posts.
  2. Backlinking: Linking four articles back to one promising parasite site.

This method aims to boost the ranking of the primary article.

Use of URL Redirector
Using a URL redirector like linkle allows him to change the final URL without altering the articles. This tactic ensures flexibility in switching affiliate offers or products.

By doing so, he can effectively manage the links and make adjustments as needed, maximizing the potential for earning commissions.

Parasite SEO Strategy

The plan is to create five articles on a trending topic, which should grow in popularity. Each piece will target the same keyword but be written differently. These articles will be placed on five separate paid parasite sites.

To increase the effectiveness, the postings will be staggered. This means once one article is posted, another will be posted, linking back to the previous one. This linking helps to boost the visibility of each article.

One article, posted on a promising new site, will receive backlinks from the other four articles. This strategy aims to elevate this single piece higher in search rankings.

A useful tool for managing links in these parasite articles is Linkle HQ. This service acts as a URL shortener and redirector. By using Linkle, the final URLs can be changed without editing the articles. This is helpful if a new affiliate program is approved, as the links can be redirected to products from the new program.

It typically takes a few days for the articles to be posted on the parasite sites, and initial ranking results might be seen within about a week. This approach aims to maximize traffic and revenue from trending topics.

Interlinking Distributed Articles

Creating a network of related articles can significantly enhance their visibility and ranking. By writing several articles on the same topic and distributing them across various platforms, you create multiple entry points for readers. These articles should target the same keyword but be written differently to avoid duplication.

To maximize their impact, consider interlinking these articles. For example, once an article is posted on one platform, link back to it from the next article posted. This method can help boost traffic and improve the ranking of your content across all platforms.

Staggering the posting is crucial. Since once posted, articles on paid sites cannot be edited, linking should be planned carefully. One strategy could be to link all articles back to one standout piece among them, potentially enhancing its prominence.

Using URL redirect tools like LinkleHQ can offer flexibility. With URL redirectors, even if you cannot edit the articles directly, you can change the final destination of your links. This flexibility is crucial for switching out affiliate offers or updating links as partnerships change.

Here’s a quick summary in list form:

  • Write multiple articles on the same topic with different wording.
  • Post these articles on different platforms.
  • Interlink the articles to create a network.
  • Use URL redirect tools for flexible linking.
  • Plan the staggered posting to manage links effectively.

This method allows for a dynamic approach to content distribution and can significantly enhance the effectiveness of your articles.

Content Distribution Timeline

I am in the midst of a 30-day build and public challenge. My plan involves creating five articles on the same trending topic, each one rewritten differently for various paid parasite sites. Below is a timeline outlining my approach:

  1. Article Creation:
    • Write five distinct articles targeting the same keyword.
    • Each article covers the same topic but is worded uniquely.
  2. Staggered Posting:
    • Post one article at a time on different parasite sites.
    • This will allow for linking back to previous posts for better ranking.
  3. Link Interlinking:
    • Utilize a link shortener and redirection tool to update URLs if needed.
    • Aim to help boost rankings by interlinking the articles.
  4. Monitoring and Adjusting:
    • Track the performance of each article.
    • Adjust strategies and article placements based on results over time.
  5. Final Review:
    • Review all articles and link placements.
    • Ensure all content is optimized and interlinked effectively.

By following this timeline, the goal is to get ahead of the trend and rank well in search engines, ultimately driving more traffic and commission earnings.

Affiliate Partnership Goals

Creating effective partnerships with affiliates is crucial. Here’s what I’m aiming for with my affiliate partnership goals:

  1. Diversified Content: I plan to write five different articles on the same trending topic. By rewriting the same article in different ways, I can target the same keywords and distribute them across various sites.
  2. Strategic Interlinking: I’ll stagger the posting of these articles. Linking back to a previous post or focusing all links on one promising article will help boost visibility and ranking.
  3. Use of URL Redirectors: Since editing posts after publishing is not possible, I rely on a service called linkle This tool allows me to use short URLs that can be redirected if needed, ensuring flexibility in promoting different affiliate offers.
  4. Securing Better Partnerships: I am working towards securing partnerships with higher-paying affiliate programs. Until approved, I’ll use generic product links but aim to switch to better offers using the URL redirector once possible.

These steps should help in optimizing the affiliate marketing strategy and improving the overall effectiveness of the content distribution.

Using Redirect Tools for Affiliate Links

Using Link Shorteners for Flexibility

Using a link shortener like Linkle HQ can help manage affiliate links. When articles are written and then can’t be edited, having a URL redirector makes it possible to change the destination of links without altering the original content. This is especially useful if a better affiliate program becomes available later.

Benefits of URL Redirectors

  • Change Endpoints Easily: Switch out different products or offers in the future.
  • Keep Content Static: No need to rewrite articles just to update links.
  • Centralized Management: Control all links from one place, simplifying updates.

If you’re setting up multiple articles on various platforms, having a URL redirector allows for simple and effective link management. This approach ensures that the content stays relevant and up-to-date with minimal effort, even when better affiliate opportunities arise.

Last Recommendation on Paid Parasite Adjustability

It’s key to use a URL redirection tool when working with paid parasites. I prefer linkle for this. It provides short URLs that can be embedded in articles. This allows changes to the target URLs without altering the articles themselves.

I plan to write five articles on the same topic, each slightly different. These will be posted on different paid parasite sites. I’ll stagger the postings to interlink them. This approach helps funnel traffic between the parasites.

One of the articles will be the primary focus. It will be linked back to by the others. This might boost its ranking. Without the ability to edit posted parasites, the URL redirector offers flexibility.

Planned Progress Updates

I’m now halfway through my 30-day build and public challenge. This milestone brings an update on the paid parasite strategy I’m implementing. My strategy revolves around creating five articles on a trending topic. Each article is written differently but targets the same keyword. These articles will be distributed across five paid parasite sites.

To maximize their impact, I plan to interlink these articles. Since editing the parasite articles post-publication isn’t possible, I will stagger the postings. This approach allows me to create a network of backlinks among the articles. One site that shows promise will be the focal point for interlinking, with the other articles linking back to it.

I’m using a URL redirect tool from linkle This tool enables me to update the final URLs of the links without having to edit the articles. If I get approval for a higher-paying affiliate program, I can easily update the links to point to the new program, ensuring better revenue potentials.

I expect these articles to be posted on the parasite sites within a few days. Depending on how quickly they get indexed, I might provide progress updates in about a week. I remain hopeful that this strategy will yield positive results as the trend continues to grow.

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