Build-in-Public – Episode 21 – Quick Ranking Update

Today marks the 21st day of my 30-day challenge, and I’m happy to share some progress and updates. In the effort to improve the rank and rent site, positive movements have been observed in keyword positions. Although results are still settling, there is an optimistic outlook for these rankings.

I also experimented with several new parasite sites. Different articles had varying levels of success, with some keywords reaching promising positions. A few parasite posts have not been indexed yet, but overall, there are encouraging signs. Additionally, a new vendor has been identified, reducing costs significantly and allowing for more posts. The plan includes interlinking between posts on the same site to strengthen rankings.

Key Takeaways

  • Progress observed in rank and rent keyword positions.
  • Several new parasite sites showing promising results.
  • New vendor allows for cost-effective posting and interlinking strategy.

30-Day Challenge Progress

Today is day 21 of the 30-day challenge. The focus remains on the rank-and-rent project and parasite SEO efforts.

For the rank-and-rent project, progress is noticeable. Initially, the primary keyword was on page five, but it has now moved up to position nine, reaching the front page. Other tracked keywords have improved to positions 14, 15, and 18. Further adjustments might be made in a couple of weeks, depending on how the rankings stabilize.

Several new parasite SEO experiments were tested by submitting articles on the same topic to different sites. Here’s a quick overview:

  • Parasite 1: Keyword positions are 45 and 87.
  • Parasite 2: Keywords are in positions 12, 18, 57, and 63.
  • Parasite 3: Positions 27 and 58.
  • Parasite 4: Positions 31, 33, and 78.
  • Free Parasite: Improved to positions 14, 15, and 13.
  • Old Parasite: The keyword ranked at 28, and it’s being evaluated for potential link building.

Plans include tracking these keywords over the next few weeks and observing any further ranking changes. Another vendor was found for more affordable parasite posts, reducing costs by half on some sites. The next step involves posting more articles and exploring internal linking strategies to enhance SEO impact.

Rank and Rent Update

I have some new data on the rank and rent project. I’ve been tracking four keywords, and there’s noticeable improvement. The primary keyword is now in position 9, which means it’s on the front page. The other keywords are at 14, 15, and 18. This steady progress suggests that further improvements are likely. I’m planning to wait a couple of weeks to see if these changes stabilize before taking any new actions.

Current Keyword Positions:

  • Primary Keyword: Position 9
  • Other Keywords: Positions 14, 15, and 18

After the rankings settle, the next step is to find a partner for this rank and rent site.

Parasite Status Update

Performance of Recent Parasites

He tried a few new parasites recently. The rankings for one of them are starting at positions 45 and 87. Another one is doing better with positions ranging from 12 to 63 for four different keywords. The best rankings here are at positions 12 and 18. For another parasite, the positions are 27 and 58. Yet another new parasite stands at positions 31, 33, and 78.

One of the new free parasites didn’t hold its rank and dropped out completely. Others are performing better; for instance, one moved to position 14, while another is at position 15 and 13. These are barely on the second page.

A parasite he posted is still not indexed. For a highly competitive keyword, another doesn’t seem to rank well.

Performance of Current Parasites

An older parasite, bought six to eight months ago, remains at position 28; this makes him unsure of its value. A different older parasite shows promise with a secondary keyword ranking at position 8. The primary keyword is at position 24. Other related keywords stand at 67, 28, and 27. The secondary keyword it ranks for has a low search volume of 40 but high intent. There’s also a primary keyword ranking at position 28 with a significant volume of 3600, which looks promising.

Lastly, he found a new, cheaper vendor for parasite posts, reducing his costs by half. His strategy includes using these parasites with internal links on the same site.

Future Strategy for Rank and Rent

For the ongoing growth of the rank and rent project, focusing on a few main strategies will be important. First, allow current rankings to stabilize. Keywords are showing positive momentum, with the primary one now on the front page.

Next, find a partner for the rank and rent site once rankings are more stable. Evaluate potential partners based on their ability to leverage the site’s improved position.

Testing various strategies with new parasite posts is also crucial. Several articles were submitted to different sites, showing varied success in ranking positions. It’s best to track these rankings and see where they land in a few weeks.

Lastly, exploring cost-effective vendors for parasite posts can cut costs significantly. Lower expenses will allow more posts to be made, increasing chances of higher rankings.

Key Points to Focus On:

  1. Stabilize Current Rankings:
    • Let keywords settle before making further moves.
  2. Partner Search:
    • Look for partners who can make use of the site’s growing visibility.
  3. Testing and Tracking:
    • Keep monitoring the new parasite posts and their positions.
    • Allow time to see where these rankings go.
  4. Cost-Effective Posting:
    • Use more affordable vendors to reduce costs and increase posting frequency.

Rank Positions:

  • Main keyword: Position 9
  • Other keywords: Positions 14, 15, 18

New Parasite Post Positions:

  • Positions 45 and 87
  • Positions 12, 18, 57, 63
  • Positions 27 and 58
  • Positions 31, 33, 78

Using these strategies will likely enhance the SEO effort and help achieve higher visibility with cost efficiencies.

New Vendor for Parasite Post

A recent development is the discovery of a new vendor for parasite posts that is much cheaper than the previous one. This new vendor can reduce costs by nearly half on several sites. This cost efficiency allows for more posts at a lower expense, making it feasible to publish more frequently.

Using this new vendor, the strategy involves creating posts on multiple sites and then interlinking them internally. This is essential because cross-linking between different sites is not typically allowed. By focusing on internal linking within the same site, there is a better chance to boost rankings effectively.

Given these benefits, there is a plan to increase the number of posts and strategically use internal links to improve visibility and performance. This approach is expected to yield positive results, especially given the cost savings with the new vendor.

Interlinking Plan for Parasite Sites

I have been experimenting with various parasite sites to see which ones perform best. After submitting articles to different parasites, I started seeing some ranking movements. Here’s a snapshot of the current positions for some of the keywords:

  • New Parasite 1:
    • Positions: 45, 87
  • New Parasite 2:
    • Positions: 12, 18, 57, 63
  • New Parasite 3:
    • Positions: 27, 58
  • Free Parasite:
    • Positions: 14, 15, 13

One of my recent findings shows the free parasite moved up to position 14, which is promising. I plan to give these rankings some time to stabilize. Once stable, I will consider internal linking on several of these platforms. For instance, on LinkedIn, I’ll interlink articles within the same site to boost visibility.

While cross-linking between different parasite sites isn’t allowed, internal links should help. I’ve found a cost-effective vendor for parasite posts, which could let me add more content and experiment further. The goal is to see a sustained ranking boost and higher keyword positions in search results.

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