IBM Watson Explorer Consultant

I’m an IBM Watson Explorer Consultant with over 10 years of experience of  experience in the software consulting industry. In my day job, I work primarily with IBM Watson Explorer Engine and Application builder projects. I originally joined a startup called Vivisimo and we were acquired by IBM in mid-2012. Learn more about IBM Watson Explorer here.

ibm watson explorer consultant

IBM Watson Explorer Consultant

I’m a Watson Explorer Consultant with a primary focus is with the Watson Explorer product which was briefly known as InfoSphere Data Explorer and before that Vivisimo Velocity. The core functionality of the product is an XML document based search engine backend. The front-end is now known as IBM Watson Application Builder. I spend a good bit of time making widgets that consist of Ruby/RoR, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. I would say I specialize more on the usability side of the product. I figure out how to do things the product doesn’t usually do. I have come up with many clever hacks to make the application do things it isn’t designed to do.

Here is a sample of some of the Watson Explorer Engine and Application Builder projects I have worked on.

Life Before IBM Watson

Previously I spent many years working on Vivisimo Velocity as an enterprise search engine product before it was rolled into the IBM Watson portfolio.

I consider myself a more of a generalist when it comes to technology but I find that I really enjoy front-end development. I’ve worked for mega corps (FedEx, IBM), small companies (Riesbeck’s), and startups (Vivisimo). I’ve done freelance web development projects. I’ve worked in customer support roles and actually most of my roles have been customer facing. I ran my own performance marketing and internet advertising company for a few years.

Contact Me

The best place to contact me is on LinkedIn but you can fill out the form below to email me.

Other Helpful Links

As an IBM Watson Explorer Consultant I have ran into many unique situations and issues in my time. I’ve tried to keep track of some of these on my blog. Here are a few items you may find helpful.