Build-in-Public – Episode 22 – Front Page Monopoly

I’m back with an update on day 22 of our 30-day challenge. The rankings for both the parasites and the Rent and Rank site are moving in the right direction. There’s some buzz about a possible search update on Google, as we’re seeing high volatility. I’ve noticed positive changes in the keywords I’m tracking, which could be beneficial.

I’ve recently posted across several parasites targeting the same keyword, hoping to get multiple pages ranking on the first page. Though it’s a competitive keyword, the traffic is likely to increase. Locally, using parasite posts to rank might still be effective for niches like chiropractors. By ranking multiple pages, the goal is to dominate the front page and eventually monetize through leads. The initial results are promising, with some keywords already approaching the front page. Though search volumes aren’t huge, there’s still significant potential in localized services.

Key Takeaways

  • I’ve seen positive trends in keyword rankings.
  • Multiple parasite posts target the same keyword.
  • Aim to dominate the front page for better monetization.

30-Day Challenge Update

It’s day 22 of the 30-day challenge, and here’s an update on the progress. Rankings for the target keywords are trending positively. Sensing some high volatility in search results, it feels like Google might be rolling out a new update. This has led to positive changes in the rankings of monitored keywords.

Recently, a strategy was employed where the same keyword was targeted across five or six different posts. The hope is to get multiple pages ranked on the first page, despite the competitive nature of the keyword. While this keyword hasn’t gained significant traction yet, the expectation is that its traffic will increase, which might lead to more competition.

There’s also been experimentation with local keywords. For instance, ranking for “best chiropractor in Wheeling” has proven to be more successful than broader terms like “best protein powder.” This approach is easier for local keywords, boosting rankings significantly.

The plan is to post a few more articles targeting local service providers, which could lead to multiple front-page rankings. If this is achieved, service providers might have to purchase the leads due to their high value. Current rankings are showing promising results, with some keywords already appearing on or near the front page.

In terms of volume, four primary keywords are being tracked. Three keywords have 260 searches per month, and one has 140. While these numbers aren’t large, they represent significant opportunities for local service providers, making it worthwhile to pursue partnerships and sell leads.

The next step involves continuing this strategy and tracking results closely.

Rank and Rent Site Progress

I’ve been looking at the rankings for the site and things seem to be improving. The data shows that keywords are moving up, which is a positive sign. I’ve noticed some high volatility, suggesting a possible search engine update from Google.

Recently, I tried targeting the same keyword across several parasite posts. The aim is to get multiple pages ranking on the first page. The keyword is a bit competitive and hasn’t gained much traction yet but should start trending soon. Getting multiple results on the front page could help dominate the search results.

Some parasite posts have been knocked down for general worldwide keywords, but they still work well for local searches. For example, local keywords like “best chiropractor in Wheeling” can still achieve good rankings. My plan is to create more parasite posts for the Rank and Rent site. By recommending my own website as the top service provider, I hope to take over the front page and earn from it.

The Rank and Rent page is showing good progress. It’s either on or just off the front page for several keywords. I’m tracking four primary keywords: three have around 260 searches per month, and one has 140. Though the search volume isn’t high, the local service providers can make significant money from one job, so there’s potential to partner and sell leads.

I’ll continue tweaking and updating strategies and will share another update soon.

Google Search Update Speculation

Recently, there seems to be significant changes in the Google search rankings. I noticed high volatility on sensors, hinting at a possible Google search update. This could explain the shifts I’ve seen in keyword rankings, which are mostly positive.

I’ve experimented with keywords through multiple “parasite” posts. My goal was to dominate the first page by targeting the same keyword across five to six different platforms. It’s a competitive keyword, so increased traffic is expected, which might drive more competition. Still, aiming for multiple results on the first page feels like playing Monopoly with Google search results.

Some of these posts have seen declines on broader, worldwide keywords. For example, targeting “best protein powder” globally won’t work as well. However, local keywords like “best chiropractor in Wheeling” maintain their strength. Localized targets can easily hit top spots.

For my project, I plan to post a few of these parasite articles. These will recommend my other website for the best local service. By doing this, I hope to capture two or three top spots on Google’s front page. If successful, service providers may need to pay for advertising, as I’ll control significant traffic for those keywords.

Currently, the “Rank and Rent” method shows promise, with pages moving up to or near the front page for tracked keywords. Although the keyword volumes aren’t high, the potential for high-value leads makes it worthwhile. I’m monitoring four primary keywords, where three have around 260 searches per month, and one has 140 searches per month. Partnering with local service providers could be lucrative, and I intend to continue this approach for future updates.

Parasite Posting Strategy

I’ve been experimenting with parasite posting by targeting the same keyword across multiple platforms. My main goal is to dominate the first page of Google search results. By posting on five or six high-authority sites, I hope to capture several spots in the rankings, even though the keyword is competitive.

One thing I’ve noticed is that while some sites don’t rank well for broad terms like “best protein powder,” they perform much better for localized searches. For example, targeting a search like “best chiropractor in Wheeling” can yield top positions on the results page.

To execute this strategy, I plan to create several posts on different platforms, recommending local services. If I manage to get three or more articles ranking highly, it should attract attention from service providers who will notice the traffic I’m generating. At that point, they’ll likely want to collaborate or purchase leads.

Here are the steps I’m taking:

  1. Identify Local Keywords: Focus on terms with moderate search volumes but high local interest.
  2. Create Multiple Posts: Post similar content on several high-authority sites.
  3. Optimize Content: Ensure each post is optimized for the target keyword to improve ranking chances.
  4. Monitor Rankings: Track how each post performs and adjust strategies as needed.
  5. Leverage Rankings: Use high-ranking posts to negotiate with local service providers for partnerships.

Currently, I’m seeing good progress. My rank-and-rent site is moving up the rankings, and with continued efforts, I expect to further improve.

Local SEO Tactics

Incorporating local SEO strategies is critical for ranking highly when targeting specific geographic areas. One method to achieve this is by focusing on keywords that include the location.

For instance, instead of aiming for generic keywords like “best protein powder,” which may have global competition, concentrating on local keywords such as “best chiropractor in Wheeling” can yield better results. Here, utilizing parasite posts can become highly effective.

Steps to Implement Local SEO Tactics

  1. Identify Local Keywords: Make a list of keywords that people in your target area are likely to search for. These should include the service you are offering and the location. For example, “best chiropractor in Wheeling.”
  2. Create Parasite Posts: Use reputable websites to post articles that recommend local service providers. These sites often rank well on search engines, increasing the chance of your content appearing on the first page.
  3. Optimize Content: Ensure that your articles are well-optimized by including the local keyword in critical areas such as titles, headers, and throughout the content.
  4. Monitor Rankings: Keep an eye on how your posts rank over time. Tools for tracking keyword performance can help you understand trends and make necessary adjustments.
  5. Leverage Multiple Posts: Aim to have several pieces of content ranking for the same local keyword. This strategy increases your visibility and takes up more real estate on the search results page.

By following these steps, one can significantly boost their local SEO performance, potentially taking over the top spots on the front page of search results.

Ranking Goals and Monetization Plans

I’ve been tracking the rankings for various keywords and everything seems to be moving in a positive direction. There are some signs of high volatility, which makes me wonder if there might be a search update rolling out on Google. Despite the changes, the keywords I am tracking are showing positive trends.

I’m focusing on a strategy where I target a single keyword across multiple posts. My goal is to have several pages rank on the first page of search results. While the keyword I’m targeting is competitive, I believe it will gain more traffic and competition over time. The aim is to dominate the front page, like playing Monopoly on Google.

Some of my posts have lost rankings for broader, worldwide keywords. For example, a site like Outlook India might not rank well for a keyword like “best protein powder” anymore. However, for local searches, such as “the best chiropractor in Wheeling,” using parasite posts can still secure top spots easily.

Here’s the plan:

  1. Create Localized Content: Write articles targeting local service providers, such as chiropractors.
  2. Recommend My Sites: In these articles, recommend my other websites as the best service providers.
  3. Front Page Domination: Aim to get multiple posts on the front page for these keywords.
  4. Monetization: Once several posts rank on the front page, service providers will likely pay for the traffic and leads.

The Rank and Rent site is already showing good progress. It has moved to the front page or just off it for a few tracked keywords. I believe the trend will continue positively. I’m also tracking keyword volumes: three primary keywords have a volume of 260 searches per month, and one has 140. While the volume is not huge, these are localized searches that can lead to significant revenue per job.

By securing these rankings, there is potential for partnerships and selling leads to service providers. I will continue this approach and provide more updates soon.

Keyword Tracking and Traffic Volume

I’ve been monitoring several keywords to see how they perform in search rankings. The movement has been positive recently, and I’m pleased with the progress. Some of the keywords I’m focusing on have started to show higher traffic and better ranking positions.

For my project, I targeted a few keywords across multiple web pages to dominate the first page of search results. Although the keywords are somewhat competitive and haven’t gained much volume yet, I anticipate an increase in traffic soon. Here are the main keywords I’m currently tracking:

KeywordMonthly Search Volume
Primary Keyword 1260
Primary Keyword 2260
Primary Keyword 3260
Primary Keyword 4140

These keywords might not have super high search volumes, but they are highly relevant to local service providers. Each search can lead to significant business opportunities. Using a strategy of multiple web pages and localized keywords, I’m aiming to secure top spots in the search results, which should drive significant traffic to the services I’m promoting.

This method involves using “parasite” pages to rank multiple times for the same keyword. If successful, it will present a strong case for local businesses to partner with me for lead generation.

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