Build-in-Public – Episode 11 – Can’t Hurt Me

Creating an article using AI-generated content can be quite rewarding if executed properly. Recently, I wrote an AI parasite article and decided to invest in a paid post to see its ranking potential. The post cost about $390, and I chose a trending topic that seems to be gaining interest online.

Previously, I tried posting on a parasite site, but it didn’t perform well. This time, I’ve focused on a health-related topic since this site tends to rank better for such keywords. I’ll monitor the performance and possibly boost it with additional links if it performs well. Additionally, I’m considering revisiting my public WordPress site project over the weekend.

Key Takeaways

  • I wrote an AI parasite article and invested in posting it on a high-ranking site.
  • The focus this time is on a health-related topic to leverage the site’s strong performance in health keywords.
  • I plan to monitor the article’s ranking and enhance it if necessary.

AI Parasite Article Strategy

To boost visibility, he invested $390 in a paid post on a well-ranking news site, called a “parasite.” These parasites have high domain ratings and rank easily on Google for many terms. They sell posts to people who want to leverage their ranking power for their own articles.

He chose a trending topic, spotted on Facebook Reels, to capitalize on growing interest. The target was a health-related article, aligning with the news site’s strong domains in health keywords. He had previously used this parasite with a less relevant topic, which didn’t perform well. Now, the health focus might help the new article rank higher.

For now, he only bought one article to test the waters instead of investing in bulk discounts. He plans to monitor its performance over a few weeks. If it ranks within the first two pages, he might enhance its visibility with additional links.

Sticking to a budget for this experiment is key. He aims to see the return on investment before committing to larger purchases. This strategy ensures responsible spending while testing the effectiveness of parasitic marketing.

Selecting a High-Potential Topic

When choosing a topic, it’s crucial to identify one that is gaining interest. Tracking trends on social media platforms like Facebook can be very insightful. For instance, if many people are sharing videos on a particular subject, it might indicate growing popularity.

A useful tactic is examining the performance of related content on high-ranking websites, often called parasites. These large sites have a high domain rating that helps them rank well in Google searches. By posting on these sites, there’s a higher chance that the content will rank well too.

To determine the best-performing topics on these sites, tools like SEMrush can be used. This involves looking at keywords for which these sites already rank in the top positions. Commonly, health-related keywords seem to perform well on many of these sites.

It’s important to test and measure your results. Start by investing in a single article to see how it performs before committing to more. This way, you can evaluate its effectiveness and decide if further investment is worthwhile.

A final point: adjusting your topic to align with what’s already successful on these high-domain sites is key. If a previous topic didn’t yield good results, shifting to a better-aligned topic might improve performance.

Investment in Paid Parasite Posts

He discussed his recent endeavor of publishing an AI parasite article on a paid platform. The cost for posting was around $390. Parasite sites are typically large, well-ranking news sites with high domain ratings, making them attractive for getting articles to rank on Google. These sites sell posts to those wanting to leverage their strong ranking abilities.

The topic he chose is gaining popularity, having seen it frequently shared on social media. He hopes to capitalize on this by ranking the article as the search traffic increases. If successful, he might invest more money by purchasing articles in bulk, which come with discounts.

He previously used the same parasite site for an off-topic article that didn’t perform well. After analyzing the site’s ranking for health-related keywords, he chose a health-related topic this time, hoping for better results. If the article ranks within the first two pages, he plans to enhance its visibility by adding backlinks.

To summarize:

  • Cost: $390
  • Platform: Well-ranked news site
  • Topic: Growing in popularity
  • Previous Experience: Mixed results based on topic relevance
  • Future Plans: Possible bulk purchase and backlink enhancement

He remains cautious yet optimistic about this approach, awaiting the outcome to decide further investments.

Previous Experience with the Parasite Site

He mentioned that he had tried using a parasite site before to boost his article rankings on Google. Parasite sites are usually large news sites known for their high domain rating and ability to rank well for various search terms. These sites offer paid posts to individuals who wish to take advantage of their ranking power.

Initially, his effort to rank an article on one such site didn’t yield the desired results. The topic he chose was CBD-related, which didn’t align well with the health-related keywords that typically perform well on the site. After noticing this mismatch, he used a tool to analyze the parasite site’s top-ranking keywords, confirming its strength in health-related terms.

Recently, he decided to give it another shot with a different approach. This time, he wrote an AI-related article and paid $390 to post it on a parasite site. Instead of opting for bulk articles at a discount, he chose to invest in a single article to test waters first.

He expressed plans to track its performance over the following weeks and hoped that the new health-related topic would rank better. If it lands within the first two pages of search results, he might consider boosting it further with additional links.

Keyword Research Methodology

When it comes to researching keywords, it’s important to find ones that are popular but not too competitive. This process starts by identifying trends and topics that are gaining interest. One way to spot these trends is by browsing social media platforms, like Facebook, to see what videos or posts are being shared frequently.

Once a potential keyword is found, the next step is to check its search volume using tools like SEMrush. This tool helps in analyzing how much traffic a keyword is generating and how competitive it is. If the keyword is promising, it can be added to the list for further investigation.

Steps to Follow:

  1. Identify Trends: Look through social media and other online platforms to find trending topics.
  2. Use Tools: Utilize tools like SEMrush to check the search volume and competition for these keywords.
  3. Analyze Rankings: Put the identified keywords into SEMrush or a similar tool to see what kind of content ranks for them.
  4. Domain Strength: Check whether high domain rating sites are ranking for these keywords. High domain rating sites often have more ranking power.
  5. Choose the Right Keywords: Select keywords that are related to your content and have a good balance of search volume and competition.

Here is an example workflow for keyword research:

IdentifyBrowse social media for trending topics.
AnalyzeUse SEMrush to gather data on search volume and competition.
EvaluateAssess which sites are ranking for these keywords.
SelectPick keywords that are a good fit for your content strategy.

Selecting the right keywords ensures that the content created will have a higher chance of ranking well in search engine results, driving more traffic to the site. The process is a balance between finding popular topics and understanding the competition to make informed decisions.

Performance Monitoring Plan for the New Article

To keep track of how the new article performs, several key actions will be taken. Initially, the article will be posted on a high-ranking news site known for its robust domain rating and success with health-related keywords. This platform often ranks well in Google, which should help in gaining visibility.

The chosen topic seems to be gaining traction online, as noticed through popular social media shares. This trend could help the article see an increase in search traffic over time.

Here are some steps to monitor the performance:

  1. Initial Posting and Tracking:
    • The article will be posted at a cost of $390 on the chosen parasite site.
    • Track ranking positions using SEMrush to see how the article performs in Google search results.
  2. Evaluate Ranking:
    • Check the article’s rank after a few weeks to determine if it appears within the first two pages of Google search results.
    • Focus on health-related keywords where the site already performs well.
  3. Boosting Visibility:
    • If the article achieves a top position, consider adding backlinks to increase its ranking further.
    • Use SEMrush to target keywords and identify content opportunities that align with current trends and interest.
  4. Adjustments and Optimization:
    • If the article does not perform as expected, revisit the content and keywords to make necessary adjustments.
    • Consider engaging in bulk buying of articles at a discount if initial results are promising.

This plan ensures a systematic approach to evaluating and boosting the article’s performance, with adjustments made based on real-time data and trends. The goal is to leverage the parasite site’s ranking power fully while responding quickly to any changes in performance.

Building a WordPress Site in Public

I recently spent some time building a WordPress site in public to show how accessible it is. It only took about half an hour to get things up and running. WordPress is user-friendly and makes it straightforward to start a blog or website, regardless of your experience level.

To begin, you will need a domain name and hosting service. There are many options available, and some hosting services even offer one-click WordPress installations. Once you have your domain and hosting set up, you can install WordPress and start customizing your site.

Steps to Build Your WordPress Site:

  1. Choose and Register a Domain Name:
    • Find a unique domain that represents your site.
    • Register it through a domain registrar.
  2. Select a Hosting Provider:
    • Look for reliable hosts that support WordPress.
    • Many hosts offer easy WordPress setup.
  3. Install WordPress:
    • Use the hosting provider’s one-click install feature, if available.
    • Follow the instructions to install manually if needed.
  4. Pick a Theme:
    • Choose a theme that suits your site from the WordPress theme repository.
    • Customize it to match your preferences and brand.
  5. Add Essential Plugins:
    • Install plugins for SEO, security, and performance.
    • Popular choices include Yoast SEO, Akismet, and WP Super Cache.
  6. Create Content:
    • Start by writing your first blog post or page.
    • Use the WordPress editor to format and add media.
  7. Publish and Promote:
    • Once you’re happy with your content, hit publish.
    • Share your new site through social media and other channels.

Building a WordPress site is a rewarding experience. It’s simple enough for beginners and offers powerful features for those who want to take it further. Taking your project into the public eye can also add accountability and motivation to keep progressing.

Challenge of Maintaining Motivation

Staying motivated can be tough. Sometimes, after a long day at the office, it’s hard to find the energy to work on other projects. Working long hours without seeing immediate results can be discouraging too. There are days when I really struggle just to get started.

One thing that has helped me is reading books that inspire and push me forward. Recently, I read Can’t Hurt Me by David Goggins. Goggins shares his journey of transforming himself from an overweight person to a Navy SEAL in just a few months. His mental strength and ability to push through pain and adversity are truly inspiring.

Goggins talks about running six miles on two broken legs, which shows his unbelievable determination. His story isn’t sugar-coated; it’s a straightforward and honest account of what he went through. If he can achieve such feats, it makes me believe that I can push through my own struggles.

Listening to the audiobook of Can’t Hurt Me, narrated by Goggins himself, is another way to stay motivated. The book’s no-nonsense style and raw honesty can really light a fire under you.

For those who need more motivation, Goggins’ follow-up book, Never Finished, offers a deeper look into how he continues to persevere despite physical and mental challenges as he gets older.

If you’re looking for a kick of motivation and can handle some tough love, these books might be just what you need.

Book Recommendations for Motivation

Can’t Hurt Me by David Goggins
One book that stands out when it comes to pushing the limits of motivation is “Can’t Hurt Me” by David Goggins. Goggins was once an average guy who decided to become a Navy SEAL. To achieve his goal, he dropped around 80 pounds in just three months. His story is filled with incredible acts of mental and physical strength, including running six miles on two broken legs. The no-nonsense, brutally honest advice in this book makes it a powerful read. If you prefer listening, the audiobook is highly recommended, as Goggins narrates it himself. There’s also a follow-up book called Never Finished, which deals with the challenges Goggins faced as he aged.

Why Read This Book?

  • Inspiration: Goggins’ journey from an ordinary man to a Navy SEAL is deeply inspiring.
  • Honesty: The book cuts through the fluff, providing direct and practical advice.
  • Mental Strength: Goggins’ methods for building mental resilience are unique and effective.

If you’re seeking a book that provides real, actionable motivation and doesn’t sugarcoat the challenges, “Can’t Hurt Me” is a must-read. Whether you opt for the book or the audiobook, Goggins’ story is bound to light a fire under you.

Overview of ‘Can’t Hurt Me’ by David Goggins

David Goggins, a former Navy SEAL, shares his story in Can’t Hurt Me. He was once overweight and out of shape but decided to transform himself both physically and mentally. In just three months, he lost 80 pounds to qualify for SEAL training.

The book highlights Goggins’ incredible mental strength. He not only endured the tough SEAL training but also pushed through many challenges in his life. He even ran on two broken legs, demonstrating his resilience and grit.

Goggins faced various hardships, both physical and emotional. His story is raw and straightforward, unlike many self-help books. He gives practical advice drawn from his experiences, making it clear that if he can overcome his struggles, so can others.

Can’t Hurt Me is not just a story of physical transformation but a testament to the power of mental toughness. Goggins’ no-nonsense approach is motivating and engaging, offering a realistic guide to pushing past one’s limits.

Analysis of David Goggins’ Story

David Goggins has an incredible story that inspires many. He was overweight and decided to become a Navy SEAL. He dropped around 80 pounds in just three months to meet the physical requirements. His mental strength is remarkable, allowing him to push through challenges that most people would find impossible.

Goggins faced and overcame various adversities in his life. He not only dealt with physical challenges but also mental ones. For example, he once ran six miles with two broken legs. His ability to endure pain and hardship is almost unbelievable, showcasing his intense mental toughness.

Key Aspects of Goggins’ Journey

  • Weight Loss: He lost about 80 pounds in three months.
  • Physical Achievements: Ran six miles on broken legs.
  • Mental Strength: Overcame many personal and physical challenges.

The book Can’t Hurt Me by David Goggins is straightforward and motivational. It doesn’t sugarcoat anything. Goggins presents a no-nonsense approach to self-improvement. His message is clear: if he can do it, so can you. His story is compelling and serves as a great source of motivation.

If you are interested in more of his experiences, there’s also a follow-up book called Never Finished. This book goes into how Goggins deals with the physical toll on his body as he gets older. Despite these issues, he continues to push through and find ways to overcome. His story is definitely worth exploring for anyone looking for motivation.

Prospect of Revisiting the Book or Its Audio Version

I might take another look at David Goggins’ book, Can’t Hurt Me. The book offers a no-nonsense approach to self-motivation with Goggins sharing his own experiences, like dropping 80 pounds in just three months to become a Navy SEAL. His resilience and mental strength, illustrated by feats such as running six miles on broken legs, are truly inspirational.

Reasons to Revisit the Book:

  • Motivation: Goggins’ story is incredibly motivating. The drive he shows can inspire anyone struggling with motivation.
  • Narrative Style: The book’s straightforward, no-BS tone makes it a compelling read. It’s very different from most self-help books.
  • Personal Growth: His journey and the obstacles he overcame, both physical and mental, resonate deeply.

While the book itself is powerful, the audio version narrated by Goggins himself is also worth considering. Listening to his narration might offer a new perspective and make the motivational messages even more impactful.

Advantages of the Audio Version:

  • Narrator’s Voice: Hearing Goggins’ story in his own voice could add an extra layer of authenticity and intensity.
  • Convenience: It’s perfect for multitasking, such as listening while working or commuting.
  • Immersive Experience: The emotional depth in his voice could enhance the experience and drive the message home more effectively.

Considering these points, revisiting the book or trying out the audio version could be a good way to rekindle motivation and push through challenges.

Anticipating the Follow-Up Book ‘Never Finished’

David Goggins, known for his incredible mental toughness, has a new book titled ‘Never Finished’. The book follows Goggins’ journey as he gets older, facing the cumulative impact of the intense physical challenges he endured throughout his life. Despite his body beginning to break down, he continues to push through these difficulties, showcasing his resilience.

Goggins’ earlier work, ‘Can’t Hurt Me’, has already inspired many by detailing his remarkable weight loss and transformation into a Navy SEAL. His no-nonsense approach to self-help is both straightforward and motivational. Unlike other self-help books filled with abstract ideas, Goggins provides direct and practical advice.

Key Points About ‘Never Finished’:

  • Focuses on Goggins’ later years and physical challenges.
  • Emphasizes perseverance through aging and physical decline.
  • Continues the theme of mental toughness and resilience.

Why Read ‘Never Finished’:

  • Motivation: If you need a boost, Goggins’ story can inspire you to overcome personal challenges.
  • Direct Advice: Expect no sugar-coating—he offers clear and honest guidance.
  • Real-Life Examples: Goggins’ experiences provide tangible instances of overcoming adversity.

In ‘Never Finished’, readers can expect the same raw and unfiltered storytelling that made ‘Can’t Hurt Me’ a page-turner. This follow-up book is not just about pushing physical limits but also about maintaining that drive when the body starts to falter. For anyone seeking motivation or looking for an example of mental grit, Goggins’ new book is a compelling read.

Closing Thoughts and Future Plans

I recently experimented with a paid article, investing around $390 to publish it on a reputable site with high domain authority. This tactic, known as using a parasite site, aims to capitalize on the site’s ranking power to boost the visibility of my content. The new article is health-related, aligning well with the site’s strengths.

In the past, my topic choice wasn’t a good match, which resulted in poor performance. This time, I’m optimistic about better results. I’ll monitor its progress over the next few weeks. If it ranks within the first two pages, I might direct some backlinks to enhance its position.

On another note, I discussed the book Can’t Hurt Me by David Goggins, which profoundly impacted my motivation. Goggins’ journey showcases immense mental resilience, transforming his life in remarkable ways. His story suggests a no-nonsense approach to self-improvement, which I find invigorating. Considering listening to the audiobook might reinforce these motivational boosts.

For the weekend, I plan to revisit my public WordPress site build, offering more insights and demonstrating how straightforward it can be to get started. Balancing this with my day job demands can be tough, but finding small motivational boosts keeps me going.

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