Build-in-Public – Episode 19 – Rank N Rent Tracking

I’m on day 19 of my video series, and today is a little different. It’s my son’s eighth birthday, and we’re planning a celebration with his cousins. I’m trying to keep up with daily updates until I leave for vacation in about 10 or 11 days, and today I want to share a quick tip about rank tracking tools.

I’ve been using several tools to keep track of search rankings. One of them is called, which I’ve found to be quite cost-efficient. There are other options like Google Search Console, which works well for tracking your own sites, and Rank Logic, which integrates with WordPress. Each tool has its pros and cons, but stands out because it allows tracking of domains that aren’t mine, useful for certain projects.

Key Takeaways

  • Important personal update about a birthday celebration.
  • Brief mention of upcoming plans for daily updates until vacation.
  • Shared tips on cost-efficient rank tracking tools.

Personal Update

Son’s Birthday

Today’s a special day because it’s my son’s 8th birthday. We have plans to make the day memorable. There will be a party with his cousins, and they will spend the day playing and having fun.

Upcoming Departure

I’ll be leaving soon, in about 10 or 11 days. Until then, I plan to continue making these videos daily. Once I’m back from vacation, I’ll decide on my next steps.

Tips for Rank Tracking

Overview of is a useful tool for tracking keyword rankings. It’s especially good if you have a limited budget. This tool is great for monitoring keywords on websites that aren’t your own, which is pretty useful when you’re working on multiple projects.

Insights from Google Search Console

Google Search Console can show you how many clicks and views your site is getting. But it only works for your own sites. This is still pretty handy to analyze your site’s performance based on how many times it shows up in search results.

Benefits of Using Rank Logic

Rank Logic is another tool that I find quite efficient. It’s cost-effective and allows you to track unlimited keywords for one site. It imports data directly from Google Search Console and presents it in a way that’s easy to understand.

Comparing Rank Tracking Tools

ToolUnique FeatureCost
Peak.comTrack keywords for external sites$5 per month for 75 keywords
Rank LogicUnlimited keywords for one site$67 per year
Keyword.comFree lifetime tracking for up to 10 keywordsFree

Preferences for Tools & Organizing Projects

I prefer for those just starting out because it offers free tracking for up to 10 keywords. For more advanced needs, offers more keyword tracking at a reasonable price. Rank Logic is good for those who want everything integrated into WordPress.

Organizing projects with tools like Rank Logic can help you compare the performance of different types of content. For example, comparing human-written content, AI-generated content, and mixed methods can help you determine the best approach.

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