Build-in-Public – Episode 26 – Final Episode

Starting today, I have reached the end of my 30-day challenge. While I did miss three days near the end due to my dog being sick and prepping for a vacation, I feel good about the progress made. Over these weeks, I provided updates on a specific project, shared what went well, and learned a lot from building in public.

The progress on the rank and rent site has been promising, with multiple keywords ranking well. Yet, there are significant changes in the Google landscape, especially with their upcoming core update targeting paid parasite posts. This may impact my site’s traffic, but I am hopeful it will ultimately benefit smaller sites like mine. As I wrap up this challenge, the decision now is whether to continue updates less frequently.

Key Takeaways

  • Completed 30-day challenge with some missed days.
  • Rank and rent site has shown good keyword progress.
  • Google’s update may affect paid parasite posts and site rankings.

Summary of the 30-Day Challenge

Over the past month, I launched into a 30-day challenge, aiming to document my progress and share insights regularly. Initially, everything was on track, but unexpected events, like my dog falling ill and preparations for an upcoming vacation, caused me to miss the last three days. Despite this setback, I feel satisfied with the journey and the experiences gained.

Key Accomplishments:

  1. Rank and Rent Site Progress:
    • Positions for keywords: 3, 7, 11, 14
    • New keywords showing decent rankings: 32, 35, 6, 39, 38
    • Parasite SEO and paid posts showed mixed results with positions ranging from 10 to 78.
  2. Google Updates:
    • Google is planning a major update targeting several practices, including parasite SEO and scaled content abuse.
    • The updates might impact certain sites, but could also benefit smaller, more genuine websites.
    • The updates will focus on improving the helpful content classifier and tackling expired domain abuse.

Personal Growth:

Participating in this challenge helped me grow more comfortable on camera, reducing my initial anxiety and building confidence in public speaking. Consistent practice throughout the month transformed my nervousness into comfort, letting me talk freely on various topics.

This experience proved that stepping outside one’s comfort zone can lead to significant personal development, even if challenges arise along the way.

Reasons for Missing Daily Updates

I had to miss the last three days of my 30-day challenge. Things were going great until episode 25, but then my dog got sick and needed a trip to the vet. On top of that, I was busy preparing the house for my upcoming vacation.

It was a bit overwhelming, managing everything at once, and I didn’t have much to talk about during this gap. I didn’t want to produce content just for the sake of it, so I decided to take a small break. Upon my return, I’ll rethink how frequently I’ll post updates, maybe moving to weekly or bi-weekly check-ins instead of daily updates.

Rank and Rent Site Progress

The progress on the rank and rent site is quite promising. They have multiple keywords ranking well, sitting in positions 3, 7, 11, and 14. Aside from these, several parasite sites have gained traction. For example, some are in positions 32, 35, 6, and 39, while others are in positions 64, 6, 12, 20, 47, and 54.

Interestingly, Google is planning a significant update that may affect the site’s strategy. They are set to target parasite sites, which could impact the rankings. Despite this, the investment in these parasite sites has shown decent returns, with various positions being secured across different keywords.

Here’s a summary of the current keyword positions:

Site TypePositions
Rank and Rent3, 7, 11, 14
Paid Parasites32, 35, 6, 39, 64, 6, 12, 20, 47, 54
Reddit41, 4382
Free or Paid Parasite16, 15, 10, 23, 26, 77, 78

Google’s upcoming updates will include targeting site reputation abuse, where third-party content is produced primarily for ranking purposes. This means that while big names like Forbes may see boosts, smaller or less reputable sites could face challenges. Their classified content updates will also tackle spam, which includes both AI-generated and human-generated bulk content.

Despite these changes, there is an optimistic outlook that curbing these tactics may ultimately benefit smaller sites and restore some balance in rankings.

Google Update Impact

Google has rolled out a major update that will affect multiple aspects of the search algorithm. The focus is on tackling certain SEO tactics that have been overused. A few key areas targeted in this update include:

  1. Paid Parasite Posts: Google is cracking down on these sites. They’re giving publishers a warning period to adjust before the changes take effect. This will likely impact sites that allow third-party content primarily for ranking purposes without proper oversight.
  2. Helpful Content Classifier: This feature is now embedded in the main search algorithm. It aims to prioritize content that is genuinely helpful to users, filtering out low-quality or irrelevant posts.
  3. Spam Updates: Several updates are targeting different types of spam:
    • Scaled Content Abuse: This includes large-scale content created just for keyword ranking, whether generated by humans or AI.
    • Expired Domain Abuse: Sites using expired domains in a questionable manner will be scrutinized more closely.
    • Site Reputation Abuse: This focuses on content farms and other sources producing third-party content without proper editorial oversight.
  4. Impact on Content Sites: Major publications like Forbes and others that produce high-quality, first-party content are expected to fare better under these changes. Smaller sites might struggle more, especially those using questionable SEO tactics.

Google is making these updates to improve the quality of search results and to ensure that users find the most relevant and helpful content. This shift could lead to more traffic for well-managed, smaller sites that adhere to high content standards.

Reflecting on the Build-in Public Journey

During this 30-day challenge, I shared my experiences through daily videos. The process began with a lot of anxiety and uncertainty. I worried about negative comments and my ability to stay consistent. Over time, I grew more comfortable on camera, and speaking became easier.

Sharing my work and progress publicly helped me break down personal barriers. The initial fear of criticism was replaced by a newfound ease in creating content. I received roughly 80 views per video, which boosted my confidence and encouraged me to keep going.

Key Outcomes:

  • Skill Development: Improved comfort and ability to speak on camera.
  • Engagement: Mostly positive feedback from viewers.
  • Personal Growth: Overcame initial fears and anxiety about public sharing.

Overall, the challenge proved to be a valuable experience, helping me grow personally and professionally.

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