Build-in-Public – Episode 25 – SERP Rank Position Update

I’m on day 25 of my 30-day challenge, and things are progressing well. My rank and rent strategy is showing positive signs with four targeted keywords landing in favorable positions. I achieved this by building the site and using directory citation links from Fiverr. It didn’t cost much and the competition is relatively low, which makes this approach effective.

In addition, I’ve been working on a parasite strategy where I interlinked similar articles on the same domain. Some of these were posted recently, so it’s early to see significant results.

Key Takeaways

  • Progress in rank and rent strategy looks promising.
  • Ongoing experiments with interlinked parasite articles.
  • Need to find clients for the rank and rent sites.

Day 25 Rank and Rent Update

Keyword Rankings

The project is tracking four specific keywords, currently sitting at positions 3, 6, 11, and 13. With just a few actions, such as building a basic site and purchasing about 50 directory citations on Fiverr for a very low cost, these rankings have been achieved.

Here is a summary of the parasitic strategies:

  • New parasitic strategy just posted: Position 6.
  • Another keyword for new parasite: Position 43.

Here’s the current status for some older parasites:

  • Series of LinkedIn posts:
    • Dropped from 16 to 19.
    • Dropped from 21 to 22.
    • Improved from 14 to 13.
  • Older parasite trends:
    • Positions range from 11 to 32 and are improving slightly.
    • Newest parasite is in positions 12, 20, 49, and 57.

Directory Citation Strategy

For the directory citation strategy, about 50 directory citations were purchased on Fiverr, which cost between $5 and $15. This simple and cost-effective approach has provided significant improvements in rankings for local keywords.


  • Low cost: Only $5 to $15.
  • Significant ranking improvements.

Effectiveness of this strategy will be further evaluated after building and renting out more Rank and Rent sites.

Overview of Parasite Approach

Impact of Linked Content

I’ve been working on a new method where I connect various related articles within a parasite domain. By creating five different posts on similar topics and linking them together, they help each other in rankings. These were posted recently, so I’m waiting to see their full effect. One of these posts is already in the sixth position, and another is in the 43rd position.

Rankings for New Parasite Posts

Checking my new parasite posts, I noticed mixed results. For one set, positions range from 2 to 89, showing significant fluctuation. An older parasite from last year has improved by 1 to six positions. For the main article linked by the new posts, positions are 12, 20, 49, and 57. The keywords here have 27,000 monthly searches, so they offer considerable traffic potential. Another new post isn’t indexed yet, while another one is in positions 48 and 81, targeting both high and low-volume keywords. Overall, 50% of my keywords have improved, though only seven have declined.

More updates will follow as I monitor these changes.

LinkedIn Posts Performance

I’ve been keeping track of the performance of my LinkedIn posts as part of my ongoing challenge. Here is how things are looking:

  • First Post: Dropped from position 16 to position 19.
  • Second Post: Fell from position 21 to position 22.
  • Third Post: Moved up one spot, from position 14 to position 13.

Though the changes are minor, it’s evident that some of the posts have seen slight fluctuations. Here’s a quick snapshot of the current positions:

Post NumberPrevious PositionCurrent Position

It’s clear that there’s a mix of both improvement and declines. Going forward, it’ll be interesting to see how these positions change over time.

More Insights on Parasite Rankings

Changes in Established Parasite Rankings

Recent results indicate changes in some existing parasite rankings. Here’s a quick overview:

  • Reddit: Contrary to what some speculated, Reddit didn’t drop in rankings. Even with a recent Google update, evidence suggests that Reddit remains stable.
  • LinkedIn Posts: The positions of LinkedIn posts fluctuate. One dropped from 16 to 19, another fell slightly to 22 from 21, while one improved from 14 to 13.

I also examined an older parasite strategy from last year, which showed positive movement, climbing between 1 and 6 positions, ranging from 11 to 32.

Main Article Performance

My approach involves linking several articles on one parasite domain to one main article. Here’s a look at the current positions:

  • Main Article Positions: 12, 20, 49, and 57.
  • Search Volumes: The keywords in positions 49 and 57 are highly competitive, with 27,000 searches per month each. Position 12 targets a keyword with 390 searches per month.

By linking these, there’s potential for improving rankings. Another newer effort includes an article targeting a 30-search volume keyword and a high-volume keyword (27,000 searches) but is slower to rise.

Ranking snapshots:

  • Another new parasite ranking: Positions range from 23, 41, 85, 89.
  • An older rank effort shows progress, improving from previous positions.

Staying updated on shifts in these rankings helps in understanding the strategies that work and making necessary adjustments for better outcomes.

Keyword Volume and Ranking Goals

For the current project, tracking involves four keywords with positions at 3, 6, 11, and 13. The strategy primarily includes building the site and adding around 50 directory citation links via Fiverr, costing between $5 to $15.

The goal is to rank on the front page for local keywords, which are not very competitive. Plans include expanding the number of Rank and Rent sites to maximize reach in the area.

A recent endeavor involves parasite pages. By interlinking five related articles on one domain, there’s an expectation that these links will mutually boost rankings. Initial results look promising with positions such as 6 and 43 for some keywords.

Free LinkedIn posts are also being monitored. Positions fluctuate slightly, such as going from 14 to 13 or 22 from 21. Recent new projects have positions ranging from 23 to 89, indicating varied success.

In one of the efforts, keywords with high search volumes are targeted. For instance, keywords with 27,000 searches a month could yield substantial traffic if ranked on the front page.

So far, data shows 50% of keywords have seen rank improvements, with 21 keywords in the top 10, 57 in the top 100, but none in the number one position yet. Seven keywords are ranking in the top three. Future plans include finding clients to rent these sites and continuing to build more Rank and Rent sites.

Reddit Update and SERP Effects

Tracking keyword positions shows positive trends. I’ve been focusing on four keywords, currently positioned at 3, 6, 11, and 13. Efforts included creating a website and getting 50 directory citations on Fiverr for a low cost. These local keywords are not very competitive, so the results are promising. I plan to build more sites and rent them out locally.

There were concerns about a Google update impacting Reddit’s ranking. Some believed Reddit was affected, but there’s no evidence supporting this. Reddit’s traffic data shows an increase of 5-6%, indicating it still ranks strongly.

A new parasite strategy was discussed, involving interlinking five articles on the same domain. Initial results are mixed, with positions ranging from 6 to 43. Some data from LinkedIn posts show slight fluctuations. A newer parasite has not done well, but an older one from last year shows improvements in rank by 1 to 6 positions.

The goal is to improve ranking for high volume keywords. Currently, I’m tracking positions 12, 20, 49, and 57 for important keywords with high search volumes. Success with these could significantly increase traffic. Other keywords with lower volumes also show some rank changes.

From all tracked data, 50% of keywords have improved, while seven have declined. No keywords are in the top position, but several are in the top three and top ten. Future steps include finding someone to pay for the rank-and-rent sites and possibly building more of them.

Ongoing review shows positive trends for most keywords. While some still need work, the overall movement is towards better rankings. Further updates and strategies will continue to be monitored and adjusted as needed.

Next Steps for Rank and Rent

Next steps involve a few key strategies to build on rank and rent successes and continue improving. Firstly, building more rank and rent sites is crucial; since the competition isn’t that high and ranking on the front page is achievable with simple strategies, expanding the portfolio will increase potential rental opportunities.

Secondly, exploring further directory citations through affordable options like Fiverr can be effective. This has proven useful in the past and should continue to be part of the strategy. Consistent directory citations help in maintaining and improving keyword rankings.

Additionally, maintaining and monitoring current keyword positions is essential. Tracking changes helps to adjust strategies as needed. For keywords not performing well, revisiting the content or gaining additional backlinks might be necessary.

Engaging with local businesses to rent out these sites is another important next step. Reaching out to potential clients who can benefit from these high-ranking sites will turn the efforts into revenue. Crafting compelling pitches that showcase the benefits and current performance metrics can facilitate this process.

Finally, keeping an eye on other optimization techniques, including the use of parasite strategies, can enhance site performance. Interlinking articles on the same domain to boost each other’s ranking has already shown promise and should be continued.

By focusing on these steps, rank and rent sites can achieve better rankings and become valuable assets for renting out to local businesses.

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