IBM Watson Discovery Fundamentals Training

I’m excited to announce that I’ve released my first course on Udemy titled IBM Watson Discovery Fundamentals. This course is designed to give business and technical users a good high-level overview of the IBM Watson Discovery service. [lwptoc] What is IBM Watson Discovery? IBM Watson Discovery is an advanced search and analytical tool that uses … Read more

Watson Explorer vs Elasticsearch for Enterprise Search

Are you interested in IBM Watson Explorer vs Elasticsearch? Recently, I had to do some comparisons between IBM Watson Explorer and Elasticsearch for a project. I spent some time going through the features of both platforms and found some interesting features and comparisons. For this comparison, I’m only looking at IBM Watson Explorer Foundational Components … Read more

Tweaking the Number of Matches for the Relevancy Algorithm in Watson Explorer

Today I ran into a rather shocking situation while debugging some query relevancy issues in Watson Explorer AppBuilder. Another IBM Watson developer and I noticed that some results with a higher amount of matching terms in them were being ranked lower than some documents with fewer matches. This appears to be the opposite of what … Read more

IBM Watson Explorer Connector List

IBM Watson Explorer Foundational Components include many out-of-box connectors for various types of data sources including web, filesystems, shares, databases and content management systems. This allows Watson Explorer (WEX) to be a very versatile tool for ingesting and indexing from multiple data sources into a single search application. Here is a listing of the out-of-box … Read more