Build-in-Public – Episode 5 – The Million Dollar Weekend

Hey everyone, welcome back. This is the fifth episode of my 30-day challenge where I’ve been working on my local Rank and Rent project. I’ve got some updates for you, but let’s start with my new microphone. My friends SE and Jay suggested this brand, so I picked one up. It’s probably not the best, but it should sound better than the headset I was using.

For the Rank and Rent project, I bought a 12-year-old domain about four or five days ago. Since then, I’ve set up WordPress, built the main pages, and posted a blog about the niche. I’ve also created Facebook, Instagram, and X profiles to make it look legit. I spent $5 on directory submissions, which should give me about 50 mentions. I’ve resubmitted the site maps to Google and hope the pages get indexed soon.

Key Takeaways

  • Updated progress on the local Rank and Rent project.
  • Helpful affiliate marketing tip to boost earnings.
  • Recommended reading: “Million Dollar Weekend” by Noah Kagan.

30-Day Challenge Update

Here’s an update on the progress with my local Rank and Rent project. I bought a domain a few days ago, which was an aged 12-year-old domain that had never been used. On February 8th, I set up WordPress, built the primary pages, and set up a lead form.

On February 9th, I posted the first blog post about the niche. I also created Facebook, Instagram, and X profiles to give the project some legitimacy. Additionally, I invested $5 for directory submissions to get my business listed in local directories. This should result in around 50 directory mentions.

As of today, February 10th, none of the pages have been indexed yet, but I found an issue with Google reading the sitemap. I resubmitted the sitemaps, so indexing should happen in the next couple of days.

I’ve got an affiliate tip to share: affiliate marketing is where you earn commissions from sales, leads, or actions users take. Amazon offers an affiliate network with high conversion rates but low commission rates, typically between 1-4%. However, through a network called Lanta, you can earn higher commissions, up to 80%, by promoting new products. This can significantly boost your income compared to Amazon’s rates.

Lastly, I’ve been reading “Million-Dollar Weekend” by Noah Kagan. The book provides insights on launching business ideas quickly and overcoming obstacles. It’s a motivational read that inspired me to start this 30-day challenge. If you’re interested in launching a product, I recommend giving it a read.

Affiliate Tip

Amazon Associates: This is the largest affiliate network available. It’s simple to use and almost everyone has an Amazon account, which makes the conversion rates pretty high. However, the commission rates are low, ranging from 1% to 4% typically. For those who generate significant sales, there’s an opportunity to negotiate higher commissions, up to around 8%.

Boosting Commissions with Levanta: Levanta offers a way to potentially increase earnings. They work with new Amazon sellers who need to boost their sales volume to rank higher in search results. By partnering with Levanta, affiliates can earn far better commissions—sometimes up to 80%. For example, promoting a product on Amazon might yield a 2% commission, but with Levanta, it could jump to 20% or even more. This can significantly enhance income, making it an attractive option for those already utilizing Amazon Associates.

Quick Comparison

PlatformTypical Commission RatePotential Higher Rate
Amazon Associates1% – 4%Up to 8%
LevantaUp to 80%

Sign Up and Try: Those already using Amazon Associates should consider signing up for Levanta. It has helped increase conversions and overall earnings on promoted products. Both platforms can complement each other, maximizing affiliate marketing efforts.

Book Review

This week, I read “The Million-Dollar Weekend” by Noah Kagan. In this book, Kagan shares how to launch a product that could potentially bring in a million dollars over two days. It’s important to note that it doesn’t guarantee a million dollars right away, but it focuses on generating the first $1,000 quickly.

Kagan, who was an early employee at Facebook and later founded AppSumo, shares his experiences with various business models. He’s tried many different strategies, from door-to-door sales to software as a service.

The book emphasizes removing obstacles that prevent people from finalizing their projects. Kagan explains his thought process for validating markets and pivoting when necessary. He also discusses creative ways to promote and monetize ideas.

I found the book very helpful in overcoming hesitation and starting new projects. It’s a quick read, perfect for a weekend, and offers useful insights for anyone looking to launch a product. Here are some key points from the book:

  • Practical tips for speeding up decision-making
  • Creative business ideas and promotion strategies
  • Real-life examples from Kagan’s experiences

I recommend it for anyone struggling to get their ideas off the ground.

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